Spinning, knitting, weaving, felting.. and maybe, maybe crochet. Oh and random life stuff too!


Okay. I was bad again. No sense belaboring that point though. Posting regularly is just not my strong point at this time. C’est la vie!

In other news I’ve been following the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement pretty darn closely these days. I have to say it feels good and meshes with what I’ve been moving towards anyway with my own life experiences. Health is more important than image, body size, and looking in a way that society considers ‘acceptable’. I am my own person. Society does not control me nor do they live my life. I’m me. I like me, quite a bit actually. It’s time to like _all_ of me.

So watch this space for more posts about HAES and similar subjects. I’m a big fan and I think everyone should be. It’s about acceptance, not fitting into boxes.

Not sure what I mean? Check out Walk of the Earth’s Tiny Boxes video on You Tube.

If you don’t get it, well I can’t help you after that.


Okay. So I’ve been bad about posting, again. Let me tell you though, I’m doing pretty darn well at life though so that’s a plus!

Good things I’ve done for me over the past few weeks.

  1. Joined Weight Watchers again. Weighed in for the first week last Thursday. Down five pounds. Whoot!
  2. Cooking, honest to goodness cooking. It helps with the weight loss ya know. Far, far less fast food for me. Double whoot!
  3. I’ve been spinning up a storm. And combing wool. And knitting. And spinning. Anything to keep my hands busy besides EATING. More goodness.
  4. I’ve reduced my WoW time. Blasphemy you say? I know it is, but I needed to on so many levels. It’s not good for me. It’s really not. I’ll get into that in another post. Now is just about acknowledging the goodness of letting it go. Yay!
  5. Exercise. I’ve actually done some exercise. It’s a bloody miracle! I looked outside and was expecting to see flying pigs. Maybe there are a few icicles in hell instead.

Five good things. That’s many good things. Many! I like that. I mentioned spinning and combing. I combed mohair for the first time this past couple of weeks. It’s interesting. It doesn’t behave well on its own. All flyaway and stuff. I combed it up with the Jacob fleece I have been playing with and suddenly the mohair is well behaved and the Jacob is soft and shiny. I love it when a whim results in success.

Wooly Goaty Goodness

See, isn’t it pretty. And my first picture on the blog. Fancy if I do say so myself!


Better than last time, at least it hasn’t been a _year_ since I last posted. Only a couple of weeks, not too shabby at all.

I’ve been busy, work is kicking my butt. And to all the people who think I’m complaining, I’m not. I’m stating a fact. I know what I signed up for, I get that. Doesn’t make it less hard so pffffft.  Oh, some background on that would be nice right?  Well I switched bank branches from a ‘traditional’ 5/6 day a week 9 to 5ish format to a grocery store branch. It’s amazing. I work with wonderful folks! I love it and it’s kicking my ass right now. We are down to half the staff I need to run the branch. I’m salary. That means that myself and my asst are working extra hours. It’s hard. Worth it, but hard.  I mention what is going on to my ‘peers’ when they kvetch about their staffing issues and I get ‘Well that’s what you signed up for’.  Hmm.. so since I’m in a 7 day a week branch I’m not entitled to vent with the rest of you… riiigghtt.

Anywho!  Fiber. There is lots and lots of it. So much that I had to buy a big BIG bin and it’s full. My baskets are full. My project bags are full. I may, at the tender age of 36, be S.A.B.L.E! (Stash Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy)  And this has created a clean/purge/organize all the things bug apparently. I’m posting my fiber in my Ravelry stash just so I can see it easier when I want to purchase something. I’m hoping that it will encourage less purchasing. Oh, yeah. I just pre-ordered an awsome looking spindle and have two fleeces on order as well. Yeap. I’m slowing down.


But.. I’ll be organized! Right? Right!

Next, there will be pictures. I promise. Oh! And Tour de Fleece as well. Lots of fluff n spinning there. Lots!

So, to see if you are truly committed to something, like marriage, traditionally a time frame to prove it would be ‘A year and a day’. Umm.. I guess I’m committed to not posting because it’s been a year and a day _since_ I last posted.  Um. Yeah.

Well, no sense in bemoaning what has past! However I really would like to blog so, I’m going to pair up with the lovely folks at Mindbloom I’m going to keep up with this blog thang. I’m not affilated with Mindbloom but it’s a pretty neat system of setting goals and accountability that will appeal to any person who has ever played a game where you ‘level up’ a character.  In other-words, accountability for the gamer geek! Yeap. I have a level 10 tree. I’m going to go add my new leaf right now. Blogging!


K, back. You can search for jezikhana@gmail.com to find me over there if you want a friend. You don’t want a lonely tree after all!

Anywho! So what have I been up to you ask? Spinning, weaving, and I just got the goods to felt. This spinning thing is dangerous. Very, very dangerous.  Actually this whole fiber thing is dangerous. Pick up a fleece, huff it, bring it home and it is just all down hill from there.

But, right now it’s 5:30ish AM and I’d like to try to get some sleep. Woke up at 3:00 AM completely awake. Gah. Now I”m feeling sleepy so I’m going to go pursue said sleep.  Nite! Well morning, but nite anyway! At least it’s still dark. Hee.

… is a dangerous thing when you are sitting infront of a computer.  I started browsing knitting blogs on wordpress, cause well. I can use wordpress at work unlike most bloging websites. One reason why I have wordpress instead of something else.. but! I digress…

Much like I digressed at The Sweet Sheep while over at Knitting to Stay Sane. I got the Azelea gloves pattern. I have to agree, those bobbles are adorable. Then I was on another WordPress blog and found the most adorable little mouse pattern on Etsy.  I forgot what blog I found that on, but it was one blog or another. Simply adorable.  Apparently Amy Gaines has a book coming out soon as well. You can preorder (maybe order by now?) it on Amazon.  I had to have the mouse now. I just.. had to.

Now I need yarn to knit it with. Really. I do. Right. Now. Yarn.

Oh wait.. work. It’s going to get crazy soon. 45 minutes of relaxing then two hours of you know what on wheels. Guess the yarn will have to wait until.. tomorrow!


Well… I’m here. It’s Chicago. This wouldn’t seem so random if I posted regularly. Instead, random. So, to explain. I’m here for a bit over two weeks for work. That’s right. Two weeks, located in the heart of downtown Chicago on my works dime. Yeap. It’s sweet. I will be working my tail off, however I will get time to myself as well. Enough to figure out if I want to come back to visit, enough to get the hang of the ‘L’, enough to remember why I don’t live in a big city but love to visit. Well, I already figured that one out. I’d live here, but absolutely without a car. The rental is staying parked in the garage this trip, without a doubt. Parked. Yeap!

So… one day at Chicago and what do I find. Hannah’s Bretzel. ( www.hannahsbretzel.com )  Now, this is simply a good sandwhich shop. Lots of organic stuff, lots of green stuff (Both environmentally and produce), and lots of yummie food. But, then you add… the geek factor. I have a friend, who I see on WoW. Her real name.. Hannah, her WoW toons name.. Bretzel. Yeahhh… geek factor kicked in and I _had_ to eat there. I had to take a picture too. It was yummie to my pallet and to my inner geek. Ahhhhh. Bliss.

But.. there are some places I plan on visiting while here. I’m sure the list will get longer, but for now.

  • Navy Pier
  • Millenium Park
  • Fluevog
  • Loopy Yarn
  • A raw food place, likely Cousins

Anything else is up for grabs. I’ll have to take pictures as I go!


…Sekku how I hate thee. Your colors are amazing, the softness unequaled in any of your yarns. The cotton is fine and mixed with enough other fibers that I don’t miss the elasticity of the wool. Your thick and thin adds beautiful texture to my simple shawlette.

HOWEVER… you cost about $16 bucks for a 420 gram skein of laceweight cotton. Cobweb some places call you since you are a SINGLE strand of very thin yarn. SINGLE strand of THIN yarn. Those two points are important. That means that you need lots and lots of twist in order to not easily break. Then.. I come to a several inch long slub that has almost no twist at all. I’ve never spun cotton.. is that slub longer than the fiber staple? Can I tug on it and not have it fall appart? Earlier tugs indicate no as I tried to tug a knot out from an overtwisted section and had the fibers in the slubby part seperate into two strands of yarn. Hmm.. _that_ is a problem.

Oh yeah, and about the over twisted parts. Really, you can’t skein your yarn so I don’t spend 10 to 15 minutes every time I have to pull out yarn from the center of the skein untangling the mess of knots that I just uncovered because not only do you have no twist in some areas, but way too much in other areas. I like thick and thin, but could you have at least attempted to make a balanced yarn.. please?

If I didn’t like the project so much I’d ditch the whole thing. But it does knit up nicely. Now if I can just remember to treat it like hand blown glass it may not break into many, many threads at the slubs… one can hope at least.

*sigh* I really wanted to like you Noro.. I really did.