Spinning, knitting, weaving, felting.. and maybe, maybe crochet. Oh and random life stuff too!

… is a dangerous thing when you are sitting infront of a computer.  I started browsing knitting blogs on wordpress, cause well. I can use wordpress at work unlike most bloging websites. One reason why I have wordpress instead of something else.. but! I digress…

Much like I digressed at The Sweet Sheep while over at Knitting to Stay Sane. I got the Azelea gloves pattern. I have to agree, those bobbles are adorable. Then I was on another WordPress blog and found the most adorable little mouse pattern on Etsy.  I forgot what blog I found that on, but it was one blog or another. Simply adorable.  Apparently Amy Gaines has a book coming out soon as well. You can preorder (maybe order by now?) it on Amazon.  I had to have the mouse now. I just.. had to.

Now I need yarn to knit it with. Really. I do. Right. Now. Yarn.

Oh wait.. work. It’s going to get crazy soon. 45 minutes of relaxing then two hours of you know what on wheels. Guess the yarn will have to wait until.. tomorrow!


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