Spinning, knitting, weaving, felting.. and maybe, maybe crochet. Oh and random life stuff too!

So, to see if you are truly committed to something, like marriage, traditionally a time frame to prove it would be ‘A year and a day’. Umm.. I guess I’m committed to not posting because it’s been a year and a day _since_ I last posted.  Um. Yeah.

Well, no sense in bemoaning what has past! However I really would like to blog so, I’m going to pair up with the lovely folks at Mindbloom I’m going to keep up with this blog thang. I’m not affilated with Mindbloom but it’s a pretty neat system of setting goals and accountability that will appeal to any person who has ever played a game where you ‘level up’ a character.  In other-words, accountability for the gamer geek! Yeap. I have a level 10 tree. I’m going to go add my new leaf right now. Blogging!


K, back. You can search for jezikhana@gmail.com to find me over there if you want a friend. You don’t want a lonely tree after all!

Anywho! So what have I been up to you ask? Spinning, weaving, and I just got the goods to felt. This spinning thing is dangerous. Very, very dangerous.  Actually this whole fiber thing is dangerous. Pick up a fleece, huff it, bring it home and it is just all down hill from there.

But, right now it’s 5:30ish AM and I’d like to try to get some sleep. Woke up at 3:00 AM completely awake. Gah. Now I”m feeling sleepy so I’m going to go pursue said sleep.  Nite! Well morning, but nite anyway! At least it’s still dark. Hee.


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