Spinning, knitting, weaving, felting.. and maybe, maybe crochet. Oh and random life stuff too!


Better than last time, at least it hasn’t been a _year_ since I last posted. Only a couple of weeks, not too shabby at all.

I’ve been busy, work is kicking my butt. And to all the people who think I’m complaining, I’m not. I’m stating a fact. I know what I signed up for, I get that. Doesn’t make it less hard so pffffft.  Oh, some background on that would be nice right?  Well I switched bank branches from a ‘traditional’ 5/6 day a week 9 to 5ish format to a grocery store branch. It’s amazing. I work with wonderful folks! I love it and it’s kicking my ass right now. We are down to half the staff I need to run the branch. I’m salary. That means that myself and my asst are working extra hours. It’s hard. Worth it, but hard.  I mention what is going on to my ‘peers’ when they kvetch about their staffing issues and I get ‘Well that’s what you signed up for’.  Hmm.. so since I’m in a 7 day a week branch I’m not entitled to vent with the rest of you… riiigghtt.

Anywho!  Fiber. There is lots and lots of it. So much that I had to buy a big BIG bin and it’s full. My baskets are full. My project bags are full. I may, at the tender age of 36, be S.A.B.L.E! (Stash Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy)  And this has created a clean/purge/organize all the things bug apparently. I’m posting my fiber in my Ravelry stash just so I can see it easier when I want to purchase something. I’m hoping that it will encourage less purchasing. Oh, yeah. I just pre-ordered an awsome looking spindle and have two fleeces on order as well. Yeap. I’m slowing down.


But.. I’ll be organized! Right? Right!

Next, there will be pictures. I promise. Oh! And Tour de Fleece as well. Lots of fluff n spinning there. Lots!


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