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Okay. I was bad again. No sense belaboring that point though. Posting regularly is just not my strong point at this time. C’est la vie!

In other news I’ve been following the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement pretty darn closely these days. I have to say it feels good and meshes with what I’ve been moving towards anyway with my own life experiences. Health is more important than image, body size, and looking in a way that society considers ‘acceptable’. I am my own person. Society does not control me nor do they live my life. I’m me. I like me, quite a bit actually. It’s time to like _all_ of me.

So watch this space for more posts about HAES and similar subjects. I’m a big fan and I think everyone should be. It’s about acceptance, not fitting into boxes.

Not sure what I mean? Check out Walk of the Earth’s Tiny Boxes┬ávideo on You Tube.

If you don’t get it, well I can’t help you after that.