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Bad bad.. well no really good!

Okay. So I’ve been bad about posting, again. Let me tell you though, I’m doing pretty darn well at life though so that’s a plus!

Good things I’ve done for me over the past few weeks.

  1. Joined Weight Watchers again. Weighed in for the first week last Thursday. Down five pounds. Whoot!
  2. Cooking, honest to goodness cooking. It helps with the weight loss ya know. Far, far less fast food for me. Double whoot!
  3. I’ve been spinning up a storm. And combing wool. And knitting. And spinning. Anything to keep my hands busy besides EATING. More goodness.
  4. I’ve reduced my WoW time. Blasphemy you say? I know it is, but I needed to on so many levels. It’s not good for me. It’s really not. I’ll get into that in another post. Now is just about acknowledging the goodness of letting it go. Yay!
  5. Exercise. I’ve actually done some exercise. It’s a bloody miracle! I looked outside and was expecting to see flying pigs. Maybe there are a few icicles in hell instead.

Five good things. That’s many good things. Many! I like that. I mentioned spinning and combing. I combed mohair for the first time this past couple of weeks. It’s interesting. It doesn’t behave well on its own. All flyaway and stuff. I combed it up with the Jacob fleece I have been playing with and suddenly the mohair is well behaved and the Jacob is soft and shiny. I love it when a whim results in success.

Wooly Goaty Goodness

See, isn’t it pretty. And my first picture on the blog. Fancy if I do say so myself!



Well… I’m here. It’s Chicago. This wouldn’t seem so random if I posted regularly. Instead, random. So, to explain. I’m here for a bit over two weeks for work. That’s right. Two weeks, located in the heart of downtown Chicago on my works dime. Yeap. It’s sweet. I will be working my tail off, however I will get time to myself as well. Enough to figure out if I want to come back to visit, enough to get the hang of the ‘L’, enough to remember why I don’t live in a big city but love to visit. Well, I already figured that one out. I’d live here, but absolutely without a car. The rental is staying parked in the garage this trip, without a doubt. Parked. Yeap!

So… one day at Chicago and what do I find. Hannah’s Bretzel. ( www.hannahsbretzel.com )  Now, this is simply a good sandwhich shop. Lots of organic stuff, lots of green stuff (Both environmentally and produce), and lots of yummie food. But, then you add… the geek factor. I have a friend, who I see on WoW. Her real name.. Hannah, her WoW toons name.. Bretzel. Yeahhh… geek factor kicked in and I _had_ to eat there. I had to take a picture too. It was yummie to my pallet and to my inner geek. Ahhhhh. Bliss.

But.. there are some places I plan on visiting while here. I’m sure the list will get longer, but for now.

  • Navy Pier
  • Millenium Park
  • Fluevog
  • Loopy Yarn
  • A raw food place, likely Cousins

Anything else is up for grabs. I’ll have to take pictures as I go!