Spinning, knitting, weaving, felting.. and maybe, maybe crochet. Oh and random life stuff too!

This is floating around on knitting blogs so I figured…why not? Be fun to look back at in a few months to a year.  

Bold for stuff you’ve done, italics for stuff you plan to do one day, and normal for stuff you’re not planning on doing.

Garter stitch
Knitting with metal wire
Stockinette stitch
Socks: top-down
Socks: toe-up

Knitting with camel yarn
Mittens: Cuff-up
Mittens: Tip-down
Knitting with silk

Moebius band knitting
Participating in a KAL
Drop stitch patterns
Knitting with recycled/secondhand yarn
Slip stitch patterns
Knitting with bananafiber yarn
Domino knitting (=modular knitting)
Twisted stitch patterns
Knitting with bamboo yarn
Two end knitting
Charity knitting
Knitting with soy yarn
Toy/doll clothing
Knitting with circular needles
Baby items
Knitting with your own handspun yarn

Graffitti knitting: knitting items on, or to be left on the street
Continental knitting

Designing knitted garments
Cable stitch patterns
Lace patterns

Publishing a knitting book 
Teaching a child to knit
Knitting to make money 
Button holes
Knitting with alpaca
Fair Isle knitting
Norwegian knitting

knitting socks- or other small tubular items- on two circulars
Dying with plant colours
Knitting items for a wedding
Olympic knitting
Knitting with someone else’s handspun yarn
Knitting with dpns
Holiday related knitting
Teaching a male how to knit
Knitting for a living
Knitting with cotton
Knitting smocking
Dying yarn
Knitting art
Knitting with wool

Textured knitting
Kitchener BO
Knitting with beads
Long Tail CO
Entrelac Knitting and purling backwards
Machine knitting
Knitting with selfpatterning/selfstriping/variegating yarn
Stuffed toys
Knitting with cashmere 

Knitting with synthetic yarn
Writing a pattern

Knitting with linen
Knitting for preemies

Tubular CO
Freeform knitting
Short rows
Cuffs/fingerless mitts/armwarmers

Knitting a pattern from an online knitting magazine

Knitting on a loom
Thrummed knitting
Knitting a gift
Knitting for pets
Knitting with dog/cat hair 

Hair accessories
Knitting in public



I got a Phat Fiber box…. I got a mixed box of yarn and fiber. I… I… I’m still excited and this was close to three hours ago. I loved the theme.. the elements. I was hooked. Then.. _then_ , after I got the box, I looked at the preview video. ZOMG. Yeah. Amazing. I know I won’t get it all, but… wow. What I could get. Lovely, absolutely lovely.

March Phat Fiber Video

I will post what I got on here and what I think of it. I’m so excited. *bounce* It’s going to be a good week. I should get my yarn ball. I will get my box. And I should get my socks that rock soon too. Hmmm… fiberlicious.

Ok. So, life has happened. (Imagine _that_. No really, try it. It’s amazing) So the blog went on the very, very back burner. How much life has happened you ask? Well.. lets see. In knitting terms..

1: Christmas Knitting got done, for the most part. Scarf for Mom. Shawl for Kelly. Mitts for Joice.

2: I finally knit something for _me_. A beautiful cowl knit in my fav Knit Picks yarn, Andean Silk, and you can see a pic over at Ravelry. (Jezikhana if you really want to look). I also knit myself a slouchy beret and started a matching shawl. The shawl is a story itself, let’s just say I started it end of last year, tore out the Kiwi lace part, turned that Kiwi into said slouchy beret above, and just finally got enough Kiwi to do the shawl last week. Yes. It’s spring now. I really don’t need a shawl and matching hat. Oh, got half of the yarn to make matching mittens too. Go me. I’ll be fashionable next winter!

3: Knit a Jayne hat for Jesse, the resident sig.other. Whoot! Firefly goodness.

4: Knit two sets of fingerless mitts. First set to keep my Mom’s fingers warm when she works the drive thru at her bank. The second set, to keep a co-worker of Mom’s fingers warm when they work the drive thru. More sets are wanted. Mom can knit, so she can knit them.

5: Joined the Socks that Rock sock club. Got my first yarn. Love it… it’s still in the skein. I will knit socks this year. I will, I will, I will.

6: Found the best forum about knitting ever. The people are amazing, Knitting Haven The ladies there are wonderful. I’ve learned lots. I’ve shipped a magic yarn ball to the UK. I’m waiting for my return one. My e-world has expanded. Life is good.

7: I’ve moved from spinning on a spindle to buying my own spinning wheel at the Woolery in Frankfort, KY. It’s a Lendrum. I’ve joined the cult. Don’t understand? Check Ravelry.

8: I can magic loop. I’ll never need to buy another straight or DPN needle again. Too bad I figured this out after I have a large collection of straights and DPNs. Oopsss?

9: I am incapable of following a pattern exactly how it is written. I must change… something. Color, gauge, yarn type, stitches cast on, needle size, method of knitting.. something. I have not completed one project where I didn’t change _something_. So far, it’s successful. I’m sure you’ll all hear about it when it isn’t.

10: I’m addicted to knitting. Period. Oh wait. Maybe it’s just yarn in general. Did I mention I’m teaching myself to crochet?

So yes, life is good. What about the rest of life? Oh, it’s second to the yarn, clearly. So who cares! <insert sarcasm here> (Though it is good too.)

Gloves… and English Comics

So.. last night was hysterical. I spent the evening at Comedy Caravan on Bardstown Rd in Louisville, KY. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the headliner act, he is there for the rest of this weekend, but he was a bloody hoot! (Pun intended) There was a couple in the audience that kept on talking durning the show and he warned them twice before asking that they be removed, of course he did it in typical comedian fashion turning them into the brunt of several rather amusing jokes that had the rest of the audience cracking up. I will say I’ve never seen someone get kicked out of a stand up show before, but between the skill of the four acts and that interlude I haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

Which is good, I need it! I’m trying, stress the trying, to knit these http://www.sweaterbabe.com/knitting-patterns/one-skein-lace-fingerless-gloves.htm  I keep having to tear them out and start over.  I figure that by the time I get them done it will be Martin Luther King Day. Better getting a gift late then never? Maybe I’ll wrap up a picture of them so they have something to unwrap. There is an idea. Wish me luck, I’m trying them again and if that doesn’t work then I’m off to the Christmas ornaments that are on the list. I want to get those done, well I want to get the mitts too, which should be a quick knit.. should be. If I start knitting more than I’m tearing out at least.  Pfffttt. Silly mitts.

So… in my usual fashion I procrastinated knitting for Christmas since I was far too fascinated by looking up potential knitting projects and buying the yarn and needles and stitch markers and general stuffs needed to complete the projects. Then I realized, much to my dismay, that I had one week less than I thought I did to get all of this done. Yikes!

Fortunately.. I did pick easy projects, so I got one done in three hours the other night. *cheers* Kelly will at least get her gift, I won’t post a picture until she has it just in case… I’d hate for her to see it here first. I also got my Mom’s gift done as well.  So now I have Joice’s gift, fortunately another quick knit, then Christmas Ornaments courtesy of www.knitpicks.com ‘s ornament kit. Knitted candy canes, popcorn on a string, lights, and other things, yes please! Then Jeremy’s birthday gift and the basics will be done. I’d love to pull something for Scott out of thin air as well as a few other gifts, but I have to get Joice, Jeremy’s, and the ornaments done. The rest is just gravy.

Procrastination.. what would I do without thee? Oh, get things done without having to rush around like a loon. Hmm.. what would be the fun in that?!