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…Sekku how I hate thee. Your colors are amazing, the softness unequaled in any of your yarns. The cotton is fine and mixed with enough other fibers that I don’t miss the elasticity of the wool. Your thick and thin adds beautiful texture to my simple shawlette.

HOWEVER… you cost about $16 bucks for a 420 gram skein of laceweight cotton. Cobweb some places call you since you are a SINGLE strand of very thin yarn. SINGLE strand of THIN yarn. Those two points are important. That means that you need lots and lots of twist in order to not easily break. Then.. I come to a several inch long slub that has almost no twist at all. I’ve never spun cotton.. is that slub longer than the fiber staple? Can I tug on it and not have it fall appart? Earlier tugs indicate no as I tried to tug a knot out from an overtwisted section and had the fibers in the slubby part seperate into two strands of yarn. Hmm.. _that_ is a problem.

Oh yeah, and about the over twisted parts. Really, you can’t skein your yarn so I don’t spend 10 to 15 minutes every time I have to pull out yarn from the center of the skein untangling the mess of knots that I just uncovered because not only do you have no twist in some areas, but way too much in other areas. I like thick and thin, but could you have at least attempted to make a balanced yarn.. please?

If I didn’t like the project so much I’d ditch the whole thing. But it does knit up nicely. Now if I can just remember to treat it like hand blown glass it may not break into many, many threads at the slubs… one can hope at least.

*sigh* I really wanted to like you Noro.. I really did.



Ok. So, life has happened. (Imagine _that_. No really, try it. It’s amazing) So the blog went on the very, very back burner. How much life has happened you ask? Well.. lets see. In knitting terms..

1: Christmas Knitting got done, for the most part. Scarf for Mom. Shawl for Kelly. Mitts for Joice.

2: I finally knit something for _me_. A beautiful cowl knit in my fav Knit Picks yarn, Andean Silk, and you can see a pic over at Ravelry. (Jezikhana if you really want to look). I also knit myself a slouchy beret and started a matching shawl. The shawl is a story itself, let’s just say I started it end of last year, tore out the Kiwi lace part, turned that Kiwi into said slouchy beret above, and just finally got enough Kiwi to do the shawl last week. Yes. It’s spring now. I really don’t need a shawl and matching hat. Oh, got half of the yarn to make matching mittens too. Go me. I’ll be fashionable next winter!

3: Knit a Jayne hat for Jesse, the resident sig.other. Whoot! Firefly goodness.

4: Knit two sets of fingerless mitts. First set to keep my Mom’s fingers warm when she works the drive thru at her bank. The second set, to keep a co-worker of Mom’s fingers warm when they work the drive thru. More sets are wanted. Mom can knit, so she can knit them.

5: Joined the Socks that Rock sock club. Got my first yarn. Love it… it’s still in the skein. I will knit socks this year. I will, I will, I will.

6: Found the best forum about knitting ever. The people are amazing, Knitting Haven The ladies there are wonderful. I’ve learned lots. I’ve shipped a magic yarn ball to the UK. I’m waiting for my return one. My e-world has expanded. Life is good.

7: I’ve moved from spinning on a spindle to buying my own spinning wheel at the Woolery in Frankfort, KY. It’s a Lendrum. I’ve joined the cult. Don’t understand? Check Ravelry.

8: I can magic loop. I’ll never need to buy another straight or DPN needle again. Too bad I figured this out after I have a large collection of straights and DPNs. Oopsss?

9: I am incapable of following a pattern exactly how it is written. I must change… something. Color, gauge, yarn type, stitches cast on, needle size, method of knitting.. something. I have not completed one project where I didn’t change _something_. So far, it’s successful. I’m sure you’ll all hear about it when it isn’t.

10: I’m addicted to knitting. Period. Oh wait. Maybe it’s just yarn in general. Did I mention I’m teaching myself to crochet?

So yes, life is good. What about the rest of life? Oh, it’s second to the yarn, clearly. So who cares! <insert sarcasm here> (Though it is good too.)